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Sports we do

In Sunderland we can offer serious coaching in three sports but can “accommodate” athletes from many more. Always remembering that all our coaches are volunteer’s and without them we could not function.

Special Olympics Sunderland offer all year round swimming training at the Raich Carter Sports Centre Sunderland. Training takes place on a Saturday between 4 - 5pm.

Swimming coaches follow a training plan drawn up by our head coach, which allows for the numerous disabilities and difficulties our swimmers have to cope with.

We have a very successful swim team, with our coaches headed by a level 3 school and pool teacher and coach, varying through high levels and disciplines of aquatic sports; this “pool” of knowledge is very useful in finding ways around athlete’s difficulties.

How well this all works can be seen in our swimming achievements section.



We are so pleased with the progress our new trampoline stars are doing.  Frances, Sophie, Bradley and Grace showing big improvements every week .

We do need another trampoline coach to help as always we would prefer a volunteer but we will pay for any training they need. A level one looking for some experience working with our youngsters would be good.

If anyone is interested please contact Kath on 07897597916 thanks.


Playing BadmingtonWe are delighted to say we now have a three badminton coaches coming along to coach our athletes.

Thanks to Sharon Cosgrove and two of her coaches from St Aiden’s badminton club we are able to offer badminton coaching to all our athletes from the gold medal winner amongst us to those that have never held a racket before.

It has to be said we are surprised at how many of the athletes have shown some promise in no time at all.

It seems badminton is about to be our “In Thing” at present, our athletes taken to it with greater enthusiasm than ever, it could be that we have a couple more up and coming star’s who are not only doing well but obviously enjoying it a great


Members of T to T Bowling Club

Ten Pin Bowling

We are very fortunate in having a close working partnership with a bowling club.  Members of Special Olympics Sunderland bowl at Washington AMF Bowling every second Sunday from 12-2pm as part of the T-to-T club.

They have three experienced and qualified instructors and the members are aged from 11 upwards.

Special Olympics Sunderland will try to place any athlete with a learning disability into any sport. If we are not able to do this then we will try to find some other club to accommodate them.

John on trampoline











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