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Special Olympics - Sunderland

Welcome to the official website for the Special Olympics Sunderland. With this website you will be able to find out what is on offer on our sports page. Find out about who we are and what we do. If you have any questions you can visit the Contact Page where you will find e-mail addresses of members who can answer any questions.

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Special Olympics Swimming Gala

spark fm Click to download and listen to the interview on Spark FM

Thank you to Spark FM for supplying a copy of the interview to us.

Special Olympics Sunderland are able to offer:

  • All ability groups are included in sports
  • All year round training
  • Every athlete receives recognition for all events.
  • Opportunities to build the athletes confidence and give them the chance to demonstrate their skills.

Our Aims Are......

  • To provide quality sports training 48 weeks in each year - to encourage fitness, commitment and discipline through sport.

  • To provide as many Special Olympic athletes with the opportunity to participate, train and compete in as wide a variety of sports and events as possible.

  • To help athletes develop social skills and build friendships and team spirit from their training and taking part in competitions.

meagWhat is Special About the Special Olympics? - "Special Olympics seeks to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship and love of participation for their own sakes. Special Olympics also believe that every athlete should participate to his or her fullest potential".

Special Olympics believe that regular training, under the guidance of appropriately qualified coaches is essential to the development of sports skills. Competition among those of equal abilities is the most appropriate means of testing those skills, measuring progress and providing incentive for personal growth.

Special Olympics providers of year - round sports training and competition for people with learning disabilities in 26 sports ranging from athletics and swimming to judo and tennis. Special Olympics Sunderland specialises in Swimming and Trampolining.


Registered charity number: 800329