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Looking Back to 2012

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Children In Need

In 2010 we received funding from Children in Need, that money has now been almost used up.

We recently received a letter from Children in Need telling us they are happy with the administration of money and congratulating us on our projects success.

Top of the list are 22 children who had failed to learn to swim in other classes can now swim competently. Some of those are still with us and have joined our competition team.

We can now say this was well worth the work, time, and money that went into their lessons, and I know our coaches agree with that.

We obviously had many other projects to many to go into but all swimmers felt the benefit of the funding.

February 2012


Special Olympics Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Swimming Gala 17th November 2012

Jess with Olympic torchOlympic Torch Relay

Congratulations to Jess Boyce who was chosen to run with the Olympic Torch on Saturday 16th June 2012.

We were all very proud at Sunderland Special Olympics, to watch Jess. It was very emotional to see her smiling and waving to the crowds all the way.

Jess and her parents will bring the torch into our meeting on Saturday 30th June, when our members will be able to have a photograph taken with the torch.

A very generous donation to help with our ongoing funding appeal...

Team Receiving Cheque


We were delighted this week to receive a donation of £500 from Mr Trevor Mann who is the Senior Vice President of Nissan International.

A big Thank You to Mr Mann this money will go towards helping pay the bills at Raich Carter for the next few weeks.

Kath went to Newcastle University to be presented with the cheque from Mr Mann.

Here are some of our members receiving the cheque on Saturday 18.2.2012

Visit to Mayors ParloufVisit to Mayors Parlour 2012

A very exciting day when some of our athletes paid a visit to the Mayor of Sunderland in his parlour.
It was a very nice, the Mayor and Mayoress made us feel very relaxed and welcome.

He asked what sports are our favourites and was very interested in what we do. He as asked if he can come along to Raich Carter one day and see us in action.

We also met Mr Frank Whittle from Turning Point, he very kindly presented us with a trophy and cup that we can use on our awards evening.  We hope Mr Whittle will come along to the evening and present the trophy and cup to our two most outstanding athletes.
This is something we are all looking forward to.

Congratulations to our Badminton Members....

Danile Laura MichaelWe are proud to tell you the great news about the success at this weekends 4 Nations Para-badminton English Championship 2012 held at Nottingham University.  Laura, Michael and Daniel entered in the 'Learning Disability' category.

All of our members brought back medals in the events listed below and were a credit to the school club at St Aidan's Junior Badminton Club and especially Sunderland Special Olympics.

Not only did they prove their fine badminton skills, sporting competitiveness and hard work, they also
demonstrated impeccable sportsmanship and good behaviour at all times. Very well done!

4 Nations Disability Badminton logoMichael Moon  Gold medal in men's singles class 3. 

Silver medal in men's doubles class 2.

Daniel Torczynowycz  Gold medal in mixed doubles class 2.  Silver medal in men's doubles class 2.

Laura Ferguson  Gold medal in ladies singles class 2.  Gold medal in mixed doubles class 2.  Silver medal in ladies doubles class 1.

LauraBadminton Success...

The last 4 Nations Para-Badminton Scottish Championship was held at the Scotstoun Sport Centre in Glasgow between the 17th-18th February 2012.

Laura returned with a winners medal in the finals of the 'ladies Learning Disability (LD) class 2 singles' competition and the 'mixed doubles LD class 3' competition.

She also received a runners up medal in the final
of the 'ladies LD class 3 doubles' competition.

Well done Laura... From everyone at Sunderland Special Olympics.

Swimming team

Special Olympics Northumberland Regional Swimming Gala
14th October 2012

Back from Northumberland swimming Gala and as always what a wonderful time we all had, we would like to thank Helen and her team for their hospitality.

Our swimmers did amazingly well all coming home with at least a medal or two.


I don’t have the final medal count just yet but will publish it as soon as I can.

I am proud to say our athletes impressed coaches from other teams as they supported each other and other swimmers showing fine sportsmanship.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.

I think a special mention should go to James Cowe, James has not been part of the competition team for very long but he surprised us all with his perfect performance on Sunday, well done James.

To each and every one of our swimmers thank you. You made coaches and parents very proud.

The only sad spot on the day was missing Margaret Emmerson who with Helen has worked hard over the years to make the gala a thundering success. Margaret died earlier in the year and although we all missed her “organising” I feel sure she was watching and guiding us throughout the day.

Harrogate Gala 2012

What a wonderful day we had at the Special Olympics Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Swimming Gala Harrogate on the 17.11.2012

We had an assortment of swimmers ranging from the “old hands” experienced competition swimmers, who swam magnificently all coming home with either Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Our youngest ever competitive swimmer, Heather Smith... Heather is undergoing treatment for a serious illness, but that

did not stop her from giving her very best and winning a Gold medal in her very first event.

Another first time competitor was Dominic he won a Gold Medal and a speeding ticket which means he swam faster than we thought he could.

Harrogate Gala 2012Then we had Jack, this being only his third competition also achieved a speeding ticket and a Gold medal.  He also proved himself to be a useful team swimmer in the Male 25mt relay.

We thank you all for the effort and determination you have shown.  Again good behaviour we are so proud of you all, you did the coaches and parents proud.

We are looking forward to more successful competitions in 2013.

Presentation Celebration Event 2012Christmas Presentation and Celebration

1st December 2012

Thank you to every one that attended our Presentation Ceremony. I hope you all had a good time I know I did.
It was wonderful to see so many friends and family there.

We were happy to present Heather Smith with our Turning Point trophy, As we are all aware this next year will be a big turning point for her lets hope she comes through it well. Unfortunately Heather was taken into hospital earlier in the day but the trophy was presented to her sister Laura on her behalf. We all send our best wishes to Heather that she will be home soon.

The outstanding Athlete went to John Allan. I think John deserves this as he has been one of our longest members and comes along every week, takes part in all sports and does his best at all times. He is a fine example to our younger athletes.

Outstanding badminton trophy went to Laura Ferguson, for her support and good example she has shown others in giving an interest in badminton to other athletes.

Outstanding swimmer went to Jack Davidson. Jack has improved so much in the time he has been with us, both in swimming, and personal confidence a very popular young man with team members.

Outstanding Judo went to Dominic Elliott.  His coach said he is enthusiastic and so much improved in a very short time and was happy to award him the trophy.

A special award was presented to Jennifer Carmody, the little girl with so much enthusiasm and determination.

I hope you will see that to be awarded one of our trophies does not mean you have to be the best, the fastest, or the most popular.  Sometimes it is the quietest and the one that tries the most that gets overlooked I have made it my mission to make sure those athletes are not passed over.

We should remember our motto:-



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