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Looking back to 2010
Sunderland Young Achievers Award 2010

Sport - Group Award Winner: Sunderland Special Olympic Team

In July 2009 a team of 36 young athletes went to the Special Olympic National Games, and returned home one week later with a grand total of 60 medals. The sports which the athletes competed in are Swimming, Judo, Ten Pin Bowling, Boccia Athletics and MATP.

This group deserves to be recognised for their determination and hard work, well done.


asaNER Disability Swimming Championships Middlesbrough 11/12/2010

Special Olympic European Summer Games 19.09.2010 Team GB results

5th British Learning Disability Swimming Championships Sheffield 10/07/2010

Summer Event 2010 Picnic at Beamish

Picnic at Beamish Picnic at Beamish

We recently had our summer picnic, held in Beamish Museum. The museum staff were very helpful, and this went a long way to making the day a great success.

We all had a wonderful time, the weather was just as it should be, not to hot but warm enough for all the walking - although we must admit to using the tram quite a bit.

We have to say thank you to Maureen for organising it and hopefully she will do the same again next year as we hope to make this a yearly event although some families would like to do it again in the October holidays - maybe if Maureen has recovered by then!

Please visit our photo album of our day at Beamish.

CHILDREN IN NEED 2010 - Pudsey BearWe received a very generous grant from Children In Need this year. Although it is very tightly ring fenced in what it can be used for (as most grants are) we have been able to open up new avenues within swimming for people with learning disabilities.

We now have a class for swimmers that in the past have had difficulties performing a perfect stroke, this is a requisite of certain swimming authorities whereby if the stroke is not perfect, it can lead to a disqualification which is rather upsetting for the swimmer, we are now able to hold an extra “stroke class”.

This is giving our swimmers with those difficulties an opportunity to gain tutoring in small groups from an expert swim teacher, and the improvements are really noticeable.
We also hold Learn to swim classes; some of our pupils have attended “main stream” lessons but for numerous reasons have not been able to grasp the rudiments of swimming.

We now have classes with a teacher in the water with the student; the teaching is very slow and explained according to the swimmers ability and level of understanding.

The results are quite amazing and the we have found the swimmer improves weekly, these lessons have not been in place long but we already have swimmers who are confident enough to pass on and swim with our team now.

Pudsey BearAgain through Children In Need, we are able to supply extra coaches and pool side helpers for swimmers with more complex problems. This enables people to swim that may not have been able to do so previously. We are able to supply all this through Children in Need without them it could not happen we would never have been able to raise enough money to finance this great scheme.

Laura and Rayment

Poland Bound - September 2010

We are very proud of two of our athletes who have been chosen to represent Special Olympics GB in the European summer games....

Special Olympics Sunderland European Games achievements and results enter here.

Special Olympics Sunderland Swim Team

British Learning Disability Swimming Championships
Sheffield 10.7.10

Eleven of our swimmers entered the Championships. Seven Gold Medals, five Silver Medal and seven Bronze Medals were won. 

Seventeen personal best times were achieved.

Special Olympics Northumberland Regional Gala 10th October 2010

It has been said that 10.10.10 is a lucky day well whether it was luck or sheer hard work the Special Olympic Sunderland swim team did a brilliant job at the Northumberland gala.

Fourteen of our swimmers entered the gala and brought home twenty seven medals. Twelve Gold Medals, eleven Silver Medals and four Bronze Medals.

Twenty five individual personal best swimming times were also achieved and very well deserved.

A big Thank you to Northumberland Special Olympics for hosting the gala, we appreciate the hard work you put in to give us such a great event yet again and we look forward to next year.

North East Regional Disability Swimming Championships
Middlesbrough 11.12.10

Eight of our swimmers entered the championships.

One swimmer won a Silver medal and one swimmer won a Bronze Medal.

Five of our swimmers gained personal best times in their various races.



Launch of Young Achievers Awards 2011

Brad Gowland our Young Achiever for sport winner of 2010, has been invited to attend the launch of the 2011 awards.

Brad will attend the opening of the awards promotion at the Nissan car manufacturing plant in September 2010.

After the reception and official launch of the awards, Brad will then be given a tour of the manufacturing line in Nissan.

Everyone at Special Olympics Sunderland, would like to say well done Brad and we hope you have a great day.

University Award

We are very proud to say that one of our Volunteers, Alex Morris, won the Sports Ambassador Male Volunteer 2010 award from Sunderland University for his voluntary work and progress made during his time with us.

Not only are we proud of Alex but we now also have a colleague of his from Sunderland University working with us.

Medal PresentationNorth East Regional Disability Swimming Championships

Middlesbrough 11.12.10

For our Athletes..   Well done to our swimmers that took part in the championships.

Even though due to the bad weather and illness, at times it was always in doubt whether we would attend or not and I am so pleased so many of our team were able to go and show them what good swimmers we have at Special Olympics Sunderland.  Personal best’s by the bucket full added to some unexpected medals.

I have had nothing but good reports from coaches and parents.  As always, with our well behaved athletes, we know we can go anywhere and always come away very proud of you all.  You should all be very pleased with yourselves, congratulations.

I am sorry I was not able to be there to see for myself, but by January we will all be back swimming and working hard towards our next competition.


Reindeers at Whitworth HallParent Carer Group Day Out

Some of our parents went with the Carers and Parents Christmas meal in Whitworth Hall on 8th December 2010 and had a great day, lovely surroundings, good company and excellent food.

We saw the reindeer in the grounds all very exciting although we could have done without the excitement of trying to navigate the snow covered drive, but we made it in and out without too much trouble.

Thanks you to the organisers we had a great day.


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