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Athletes Corner


We are going to have a new SOS (Special Olympics Sunderland) club badge and would like our club members to help design it.

We would like the badge to be anything that depicts SOS and Sunderland.  It could be a landmark in Sunderland along with the sports we do. 

Members talk to your parents about it BUT the work MUST be ALL your own.  Age and ability will be taken into account.  You only have two weeks to do this so Get Cracking!!!

October 2014

Brownies help Sunderland Special Olympics swimmer

Brownies from 32nd St George's Church Sunderland group, who have been fundraising for the Special Olympics Sunderland.

SUNDERLAND ECHO Published on Wednesday 4 April 2012 08:26

Brownies from 32nd St George's Church Sunderland group

A SWIMMING star has been given a boost by her Brownie friends.
Jennifer Carmody, 10, has Down’s syndrome and swims with Sunderland Special Olympics team

The money will be split between a cystic fibrosis charity and the Sunderland Special Olympics. The charity provides sports training and a competition programme for young people with learning disabilities.

Jennifer’s mum, Anne Carmody, said the Special Olympics have given Jennifer confidence and independence.
Anne, 45, added: “Before she joined, Jennifer could not swim on her own.


She started getting one-to-one lessons and, in the past month, she was good enough to join the team.  “It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done,” added Anne, who lives in Ryhope. 

Jennifer is set to compete in a national competition next year.  “It’s looking like Jennifer will take part in the National Summer Games of the Special Olympics, in Bath, which is great. “It has really given her a bit of independence and she gets to meet other people like her.”

Kath Rooney, secretary and organiser for the Sunderland branch of the Special Olympics, said: “It was really nice for them to give it to someone like Jennifer. “This money has been raised by Sunderland children for Sunderland children.” The Brownies’ coffee evenings and raffles have so far helped raise an impressive £320.

Laura, Caitlin and Jessica

May 2011

"I thought the prom was good and I enjoyed

dressing up into nice clothes and I would like

to go there again".


"I like the prom it was good, I dressed like a

princess. I like to do it again".


"The prom was good I am going to miss all of

my friends who I have made at Barbara

Priestman School".


Jessica Boyce has been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch, pictured with her proud mum, Angela Boyce.

Jessica With Mam

Published on Monday 19 March 2012 08:02 Sunderland Echo

TEENAGER Jessica Boyce is among the inspirational Wearsiders who have been chosen as an Olympic torchbearer.

The 18-year-old, who has Aspergers syndrome, has been selected to carry the famous flame when it makes its way through the streets of Sunderland on June 16.

Jessica, of Houghton, has attended Sunderland Special Olympics since 2009 and is head girl of her school, Barbara Priestman.

She is also vice chairwoman of City Equals, which raises awareness of issues which affect young people with a learning disability or difficulty.

Jessica said: “I feel very proud of myself and I am really happy that I can carry the torch and it’s a real honour for me to have been chosen to carry it.

“I have achieved a lot of things in my life but this is by far the biggest thing so far.

“This is part of history and people will be watching me all over the country. I feel really excited and a little nervous all at the same time.”

City Equals Team

City Equals team won the young achievers award for Service to the community

Dear Friends

What we thought about Sunderland Young Achievers Award.

We enjoyed going to Sunderland Young Achievers Awards.  It was cool, we also enjoyed our film what was shown at Sunderland Young Achievers award.  We liked it when we got the glass trophy.

Jessica and Caitlin

March 2011

Sarah Scott riding her new trike

Sunshine Fund provides tricycle for teenager

FREE to get about like never before, Sarah Scott is the latest youngster to receive a new set of wheels thanks to the Chronicle’s Sunshine Fund.

Sarah, 16, of Preston Avenue, North Shields, has Downs syndrome and a hole in her heart.  Until now the teenager has been limited to riding a bike with stabilisers.

Now, thanks to the gift of a special tricycle, she has gained a new independence.

Sarah enjoys being active and the tricycle has assisted with her exercise and helped to boost self-esteem.

Sarah said "I like going out with my Mam on my new bike.  I fell off it going round a tree, my Mam was in the way, but I got straight back on."

Her dad added: “It has got Sarah thinking, ‘Can I go there on my bike?’

She’d like to go to college on it but the roads are too busy.


Christmas Party Saturday 18th December 2010

We had our Christmas party on Saturday 18 December and it was a great time.

Lots of fun with Alex and Graham two of our coaches, they gave us lots of team games to play, it was hard to tell which team won at the end of it all.  We then had some free time to play and just mess around before getting dressed and dried and going for the party food.

That was great lots of things we like to eat and no one telling us we should be “Healthy Eating” there was lots to eat and we managed to clear it all away before getting our gift and going home very happy and very full.

We are having a long holiday from swimming this year and don’t go back until January 8th, it will be nice to get back and see our friends again.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas.


Rayment talking about his achievements at the Special Olympics European Games Poland 2010

Art Work


Ben Irving has drawn a picture which we have used on the cover page of our special olympics swimming gala 2011 programme.

Well done Ben a lovely picture.

Art WorkFrances has drawn and coloured in her picture for Athletes Corner.